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Switching to LPG to achieve our net zero goals

To support us with our decarbonisation plan and our ambitions to achieve our target of net zero we’ve partnered with Flogas to make an exciting change – converting from heating oil to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) at our Asphalt Plant at Barton, North Yorkshire.

The switch to LPG will reduce carbon emissions by around 20% compared to oil. In addition, LPG offers a significant reduction in NOx and SOx emissions compared to oil and emits almost zero particulate matter — a significant contributor to air pollution.

It will support our self-delivered innovative asphalt solutions. We source locally recycled plastic and crumb-rubber waste which we incorporate into our asphalt designs to act as modifiers. The product, Plastipave®, offers reduced raw material costs, lower road maintenance costs and increased resource efficiency, thereby minimising waste disposal; it also stops plastic waste from going into landfill sites, which can take years to break down in the ground, and even then, it never entirely disappears; it just gets smaller and smaller.

We are proud of our progress and are committed to continuously reviewing, assessing, and developing carbon-reducing opportunities to operate even more sustainably. We will continue to analyse our operations to identify further carbon reduction opportunities and ensure a sustainable future.

“The strategic move from oil to liquid gas is a powerful representation of our commitment to sustainability. This transition demonstrates our proactive approach to meeting the demands of a low carbon future, and we are proud to be collaborating with Flogas as part of our shared vision. Together, we can drive positive change, making a lasting impact on the environment and future generations.”

Dave Elliott, Joint Chief Executive of MGL Group

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