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MGL Group Pioneers the First Net Zero Asphalt for a Sustainable Future in County Durham

At MGL Group, safety and sustainability underpin our approach and are at the core of everything we do. We’re dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that minimise our environmental impact, which is why we invest in research and development (R&D).

Working closely with local authorities, universities, and industry partners, we translate cutting-edge R&D into real-world applications. A prime example is our innovation in delivering Durham County’s first net zero road surfacing scheme at Elvet Hill Road in partnership with Durham County Council and Earthshot Prize finalists, Low Carbon Materials; we utilised their innovative carbon negative aggregate to create the net zero asphalt.

This is the first net zero asphalt project in County Durham, reinforcing the power of collaboration; it significantly reduces Kg CO2 (GHG) emissions compared to standard resurfacing methods. Our net zero asphalt includes carbon negative aggregate, plus the binder course incorporates recycled plastics, rubber, and Recycled Asphalt Planning (RAP), all sourced within County Durham boundaries, promoting a circular economy. We enhance the fuel efficiency of our haulage fleet with fuel additives and gas-processed systems, further minimising our environmental footprint.

Improving sustainability in our local environment with innovative materials is crucial for all infrastructure projects. We are committed to a sustainable future and proud to pave the way with our net zero asphalt.

“MGL Group’s groundbreaking net zero asphalt is leading the way in sustainable road construction. This innovative material minimises our environmental footprint and paves the way for a cleaner industry. Our commitment extends beyond the product, with a focus on recycled materials and low-carbon practices throughout the process, contributing to a circular economy. Developed in collaboration with Durham County Council and Low Carbon Materials, this partnership reinforces our unwavering dedication to innovation for a net zero future.”

Dave Whitehouse, Head of Research & Product Development

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