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MGL Demolition is a contractor on the framework to manage the extensive demolition requirements across Teesworks, the former steelworks site on Teesside.

We are helping to get the UK’s largest freeport investor ready, bringing new opportunities and real positive change for generations to come. To date we have successfully undertaken several demolition and decommissioning projects on the site, which includes the following six controlled explosive demolitions:

March 2021 – Surge Bunker

The structure located within the Coal Handling Area was approximately 30m tall and weighed an estimated 500 tonnes.

April 2021 – Blending Bunkers

The blowdown included high level sections of conveyors 115 and 124. The structure was approximately 45m tall and weighted an estimated 600 tonnes.

October 2021 – Flux Bunker and Junction House 68

This was the first blowdown within the Raw Materials Handling (RMH) Area. The 45m structures fed the Redcar Blast Furnace and weighed an estimated 3000 tonnes.

November 2021 – Junction House 42

The initial works to demolish a 20-metre section of high-level conveyor and Junction House 42 formed part of the bigger blowdown which took place a month later.

December 2021 – Ore Bunker and Junction House 43

This was the first blowdown carried out at night. The 2000 tonne bunker stored iron ore which fed the Blast Furnace and Junction House 43.

March 2022 – Junction Houses 40 and 41

These structures were part of the network of high-level conveyors that moved the raw materials from their stock grounds to bunkers, ready to be used as part of the iron and steel making process. The blowdown was in an extremely confined area due to the close proximity of Redcar Bulk Terminal (RBT) live plant, and was safely executed with perfect accuracy.

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