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Plastipave® Eco | NappiCycle Pellets

We partnered with Darlington Borough Council to test a ground-breaking surfacing solution. The trial at Snipe Lane incorporated cellulose fibre pellets made from reprocessed nappies into the asphalt surface course.

The site chosen for the trial materials was highlighted by the Council at the pre-construction phase due to its rural location and its links to local nature walks. The works required all the asphalt products on the scheme to be eco-based and by utilising recycled waste products within the mix, recycled asphalt planings in lieu of virgin aggregates and warm technology we were able to meet this criteria. The addition of NappiCycle Pellets further enhanced the sustainability of our products.

Environmental benefits:

  • 120kg of pellets were used in this scheme
  • The equivalent to 4,200 nappies, 35,723 milk cartons, 1,164 tyres, 611.29 tonnes of road planings were diverted from landfill
  • 5.96 tonnes of CO2 saved

Using this technology with a traditional resurfacing scheme of 60mm binder course and 40mm Plastipave® Thin Eco we could save 72,975 nappies for every 1 km of carriageway.

This not only demonstrates our dedication to protecting the environment by using sustainable materials, but also our commitment to innovation.