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Mental health matters: Supporting Time to Talk Day

Join us in recognisingTime to Talk Day, an annual event by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, encouraging people to come together and share their experiences.

As part of our commitment to promoting mental health awareness and destigmatising conversations around mental wellbeing in the workplace, we hosted team breakfasts at Davison House and our Newburn office. Information was displayed, and employees were also signposted to online resources. Talking about this important topic can be challenging, so this was an opportunity to promote open conversations in a relaxed setting.

By engaging in this initiative, we aimed to demonstrate our dedication to creating an environment where mental health is prioritised, encouraging genuine conversations that contribute to a supportive workplace.

Conversations are a powerful tool for self-support and helping others. Let’s talk, listen, and create a culture around discussing mental health.

I am proud to be part of a company that understands the significance of mental health in the workplace. Time to Talk Day promotes open discussions, which is crucial for creating a healthy and resilient work environment. By prioritising our employees’ mental wellbeing and health, we are fostering a workplace culture that values and supports everyone.

Victoria Pickard, SHEQ Advisor

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