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Kit-Kat and a cuppa: MGL Group promotes mental health support

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is Anxiety, a prevalent issue in these challenging times. According to new research from the Mental Health Foundation 60% of UK adults experienced anxiety which interfered with their daily lives.

This week we encourage Team MGL to take advantage of the resources available while enjoying a Kit-Kat and a cuppa. Scanning the QR code on the wrapper links directly to an informative video from Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity.

We all need a little support every now and again, so remember to reach out when you’re feeling low, stressed or anxious. Help is always available – no one should suffer alone!

Construction Industry Helpline:

  • Call 0345 605 1956
  • Text HARDHAT to 85258

Let’s work together to promote mental health support and break down barriers surrounding anxiety.

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