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Innovation and sustainability in the asphalt industry

MGL Group has received industry recognition for our dedication to innovation and sustainability in creating, developing, and testing sustainable asphalt materials. Driven by Dave Whitehouse, Head of Research & Product Development at Tynedale Roadstone, our team is passionate about making a difference; we are finding long-term, cost-effective solutions for end-of-life waste streams.

With a career that spans over five decades, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge, extensive experience, and an unwavering passion for fostering innovation in the ever-evolving world of asphalt production. As an industry trailblazer, he takes us on through his career, sharing insights, anecdotes, and an appreciation for sustainable solutions:

  • A Family Tradition: My family boasts a legacy of over 130 years in the industry, with my grandfather, father, brother, and myself all contributing to this rich heritage.
  • Early Beginnings: I began exploring the world of asphalt and construction at age 8, joining my father at a Quarry in Pickering, where he carried out maintenance on a dumper.
  • Building the Foundation: After leaving school, I embarked on a career as a technician working at various quarries. This involved including nuclear density testing and contributing to developing polymer binders, plus experimenting with sulfur additives as part of bypass and resurfacing projects across North England.
  • Training and Development: After further education at Scarborough Technical College and Doncaster work-study courses, I trained in asphalt design under the guidance of Doctor Sperling at Lower Sydenham College, Catford. This was the beginning of my involvement in research and development within the asphalt industry.
  • Professional Progression: I took on the role of Assistant Production Manager at a company specialising in manufacturing and contracting thermoplastic markings, which often required me to travel the length and breadth of the country. Next, as an Area Technical Manager based in Hull, I oversaw seven quarries and coating plants, with additional technical work for the construction department. After becoming Quality Assurance Manager for the North and North East, I successfully achieved ISO 9001 certification for 14 plants. I also have experience of obtaining Highway Sector Scheme No 16.
  • Lifelong Learning: Passing the National Examination Board for Supervisory Management (NEBSM) Certificate Programme and becoming a Fellow of the Institute of Asphalt Technology (FIAT) and a Fellow of the Institute of Highway Engineers (FIHE) have been a personal highlight. As well as developing my technical expertise it also reinforces my commitment to continuous learning, and maintaining the highest professional standards.
  • Team MGL: I joined MGL Group in 2014 as Senior Technical Manager for the Barton plant.
  • Present Role: I’ve been in my current role, Head of Research & Product Development, since 2018, focusing on research and innovation in the asphalt industry. This includes incorporating waste plastic and recycled materials such as disposable children’s nappies into asphalt mixes, exploring bio-additives, and working towards net zero/carbon neutral levels. The collaborative aspect of my role, involving diverse stakeholders and partners like Durham University and Flogas has contributed to pioneering innovations. I’ve also had the privilege of mentoring two talented apprentices, nurturing their growth and helping to futureproof the industry. Additionally, I’m immensely proud of our two consecutive wins at the CENE Awards, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation.

I look forward to continuing to contribute to the ever-changing world of asphalt and the wider construction industry.

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