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Empowering the next generation: Mock interviews at Lord Lawson Academy

In a commitment to shaping the future of our industry and fostering professional growth, MGL Group recently conducted mock interviews for 250 Year 11 students at Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy. This initiative was designed not only to assist students in preparing for life after school but also to enhance their communication skills, a crucial aspect of personal and professional development.

Beyond individual growth, the programme aimed to promote careers within the construction industry and spotlight our award-winning apprenticeships. As proud Gold Members of the 5% Club, we are dedicated to promoting earn-and-learn opportunities. By actively addressing the industry-wide skills shortage, we strive to nurture talent and contribute to the development of a skilled workforce.

We are committed to investing in initiatives that help bridge the gap between education and meaningful careers in order to prepare the future workforce.

I am always happy to support mock interviews and know the value they bring to young individuals. It’s great to witness their enthusiasm and passion as they explore various career options. These interviews are not just about preparing them for the interview process itself. They serve a much greater purpose – encouraging young individuals to unlock their full potential and showcasing the vast array of amazing careers that the construction industry has to offer.

Sara Beveridge, Administrator

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